General Conditions

  • Regarding the individual participation is limited only to the Saudis and the Persian Gulf.
  • Regarding the participation of shops and companies with business records valid and have the shops, and is committed to the existence of models Saudis or to ensure the
  • It prevents a final offer or sale of counterfeit products and make-up and global brands without official agency installed the commercial register of the point of the bar and
    who does it will remove its platform and will not be compensated for in addition to that it will be fully responsible for it in front of the Ministry of Commerce and other
    government agencies.
  • It is strictly forbidden on the bar the transfer of the right to lease the viewing platform, leased or sublet to waive another party for the space that he rented for whatever
    reason, and so, whether paid or free of charge, and in case it is proved that the existence of other media publications is the registered contract entitled balk name the
    company may cancel the contract and offload place during the show without the return of the amount.
  • In the event that the exhibitors of the show in the platform for their causes are entitled to act in the Middle East shows the place without prior informed and are not
    recover the amount.
  • Are not booking confirmation only pay 50% of the amount. And pay the second installment before 15 April and in the event of failure to complete the remaining shows
    are entitled to the Middle East, scrap booking without any responsibility and the right place for us to act is not the amount retrieval.
  • In case of booking after 15 April must webpage pay the full amount of the booking confirmation where that is not receiving the podium in the event of non-completion
    of payment.
  • The need to participate presence starting from the times of the show from 4 pm till 11:00 pm, the company Middle East Exhibition is responsible for the safety wings, theft
    and personal property exhibition times of loss and on the webpage should be closed well platforms before leaving the show deadline.
  • The participation must ensure that personal belongings stand exhibition and not to leave precious things and money and commitment to modest attire, not smoking
    exhibition facilities.
  • If the crossbar agent for one of the companies inform the Exhibitions Middle East, so note that allows exhibitors offer products be the authorized agent has, or an
    authorized distributor.
  • The participation borders stand agreed committed is not entitled to come about, into another stand or adjacent lanes, whether it be through the exhibits or billboards is
    not a comment on the stand publications or other names.
  • Middle East Exhibitions is committed to hand over the crossbar podium agreed specifications at the time and place specified in this contract.
  • Crossbar company that you book an area without processing to provide us with a three-dimensional designs for the platform that will be built with sizes of these
    platforms before the show sufficient duration of not less than one month committed.
  • You must dismantle and remove all stands and presentation materials exhibition completion directly, noting that the Middle East exhibition the management is
    responsible for the platforms after that.